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PROSPECT develops, manufactures and sells many kinds of elevator supporting products.

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Research strength

Academician Expert Workstation

On December 14, 2010, the company established an academician expert workstation and hired Academician Liu Shanghe of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as a resident academician, mainly to conduct special research on topics such as electrostatic and electromagnetic protection, electric energy recovery, and electromagnetic wave signal collection, and enhance the independent innovation and breakthrough of the R & D team. With the ability of key technologies, the company's technological innovation level has been significantly improved.

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Hebei Enterprise Technology Center

In 2011, the company was rated as the "Hebei Enterprise Technology Center" by seven units including the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Science and Technology Department, which improved the company's core competitiveness in technology research and development, technology management, technical services, and technology transformation., Technology transfer and cooperative innovation, promote industrial technology upgrading, increase industrial added value, and promote local economic development.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

The company is equipped with an electromagnetic compatibility laboratory to conduct electromagnetic compatibility tests according to relevant international standards or national standards, improve product anti-interference ability, continuously optimize product performance, and provide the company's product technical capabilities, reliability, humanization and follow-up technical support services Effective guarantee.

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Excellent Technical Team

An excellent technical research and development team not only needs to have professional technical knowledge and skills, but also needs to have a sense of teamwork and innovation. Close cooperation and effective communication between team members is the key to the success of the project. The prospect R & D team was awarded the title of "excellent team for tackling key technical problems". It is equipped with elite hardware team, embedded team and technical team. Members learn from each other, learn from each other and share, and jointly overcome technical problems one by one, providing solid support and guarantee for enterprise innovation and development.

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Hebei Province Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

PROSPECT Optoelectronics has been awarded the title of "Hebei Province Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise" for many years. Relying on the R & D center to engage in scientific and technological research and development activities, obtain independent intellectual property rights and transform them into high-tech products or services, promote the sustainable development of enterprises, and contribute to the country's development in the stage of economic transformation.

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Academician Expert Workstation

Academician Expert Workstation

Hebei Enterprise Technology Center

Hebei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

EMC Laboratory

Excellent Technical Team

Hebei Province Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

About Us

With a number of independent intellectual property rights of technical products, PROSPECT has obtained quality system, environmental protection, energy saving and other products and enterprise certifications

Qinhuangdao Development Zone PROSPECT Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1999, the Qinhuangdao Development Zone PROSPECT Photoelectric Tech Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which develops, manufactures and sells elevator products, such as the elevator load weighing control device, energy saving device for elevators ,the IC card management system, the elevator earthquake detector, the elevator braking ability detector, the remote supervisory management system, the intelligent ‘96333’ elevator forewarning rescue car,the escalator sterilizer, the optical fiber video transmission system, the elevator steel belt wire broken monitoring device and other elevator parts etc. Company has independent intellectual property rights of 46 patents technology products, two national key new product planning projects, and participated in the drafting of three national product standards, has achieved quality system, environmental protection, energy saving and many other product and enterprise certifications.

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Established in 1999

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More than 10 product series

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Development Course

PROSPECT in the development of optoelectronics


On January 18, PROSPECT again environmental management system certification;
On January 19, PROSPECT was selected as "Hebei Integrity Co-construction Enterprise";
From July 5 to 8, PROSPECT with nine elevator safety components products unveiled at the China International Elevator Exhibition, received widespread attention;
On July 20, PROSPECT was listed in the list of 5A honest enterprises in the field of industrial informatization in Hebei Province;
On August 31, Qinhuangdao special equipment industry association was established, and PROSPECT became a member of the governing unit!


August 16, World top 500 Toshiba Elevator Company to visit PROSPECT inspection, to promote sustainable development, win-win future;
In September, PROSPECT won the "Hebei Province information industry and information technology in the field of integrity enterprise" medal;
On October 9, PROSPECT in Hebei province enterprise standard "leader" list;


On December 22, Qinhuangdao City Development and Reform Commission Chen Zhanqin and his party visited PROSPECT guidance;


On January 8, PROSPECT won the honor of "2019 National Government Procurement Elevator Emergency Rescue Vehicle Preferred Brand" at the 15th National Government Procurement Collection Annual Conference;
In March, PROSPECT, as the fourth batch of "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province, passed the examination and approval of Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology in December 2019, and won the honorary medal of "specialized and new" in March 2020;
In March, PROSPECT EFR elevator early warning car to obtain four trademark registration certificate;


April 23~26, PROSPECT wisdom "96333" exhibition Langfang International Elevator Exhibition, received widespread attention;
On May 4, PROSPECT was invited to participate in the "Smart Elevator Sharing the Future" 2019 Elevator Theme Conference (Shijiazhuang Station 2019.5.24, Zhengzhou Station 2019.6.21, Changchun Station 2019.7.19, Jinan Station 2019.8.16, Changsha Station 2019.9.20, Nanning Station 2019.10.18);
On June 20, leaders of the seminar of Shandong Special Equipment Association came to PROSPECT for inspection and guidance;
On September 6, PROSPECT won the honors of "trustworthy component brand" and "ingenious supplier of smart city solutions" in the elevator industry selection of "China Dream. Brand Dream" held by 2019 Elevator;
On October 9, PROSPECT passed the ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification again in 2017;
From October 23 to 24, PROSPECT elevator early warning and rescue vehicle assisted Lanzhou 2019 elevator emergency disposal skills competition;


In February, PROSPECT "Hebei Province science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise certificate";
In February, PROSPECT won the "Hebei Province Industrial Enterprise R & D Institution Certificate";
In May, PROSPECT elevator early warning rescue vehicle debut China International Elevator Exhibition;
On June 2, PROSPECT EFR elevator early warning rescue vehicle scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting was successfully held. The meeting invited industry experts to form an expert evaluation group, with chairman of China Elevator Association, director of National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and President Li Shoulin of Building Mechanization Branch of China Academy of Building Sciences as the evaluation group leader. After inquiry and discussion by the evaluation group, it was agreed that the project was innovative and had significant economic and social benefits;
In July, PROSPECT elevator early warning rescue vehicle obtained "Hebei Province Science and Technology Achievement Certificate";
On July 5, Chongqing Special equipment Inspection and Research Institute signed an agreement with PROSPECT, which will establish a cooperative relationship in scientific research cooperation, technology development, standard formulation, product testing and other technical services. to promote the level, achievements and achievements of both sides in the fields of scientific research ability, inspection business, inspection technology, especially in elevator seismic performance testing technology, earthquake prediction and perception technology, to achieve the goal of "hand in hand, common development and win-win cooperation;
On August 7, the "China Elevator Quality and Safety Lecture Hall 2018 Western Tour Charity Activity" set off in Langfang, Hebei, the base camp of the China Elevator Association. The elevator early warning and rescue vehicle traveled through 9 provinces and 7 cities, lasting 25 days, and the journey was 25,000. The event ended successfully;
On December 29, the 20th anniversary of PROSPECT ended completely. In the past year, thank you for your support all the way. 2019, PROSPECT will usher in its 20th anniversary. We will be in the same boat through thick and thin and will set sail with "action" as the horn;
They all chose PROSPECT

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The Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association was established, which promoting the industry development to a new level.

On August 31, 2023, the inaugural meeting of Qinhuangdao special equipment industry association was held in the first brigade Jinglun hotel. The conference passed the "Articles of Association" and various management measures, elected 1 chairman unit, 3 vice-chairman units, and selected 11 governing units. A total of 44 delegates (attached list) attended the conference, and a ceremony of awarding licenses and certificates was held.