Elevator supervision and early warning rescue command vehicle

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    • Commodity name: Elevator supervision and early warning rescue command vehicle

    Scope of application

    Provincial, city, county/district government special equipment supervision department, government safety supervision department, government emergency rescue department


    Main functions

    Elevator safety supervision, accident warning, rescue, command, broadcast


    Applicable Permissions

    Supervise all elevator information and rescue vehicles within the jurisdiction (province, city, district/county)


    Vehicle configuration

    Divided into hardcover version/standard version/basic version to choose from (including/but not limited to the following functions)

    1. Elevator operation parameter early warning detector

    2. Elevator fault pre-alarm system

    3. Mobile on-site video information acquisition module

    4. Elevator supervision, early warning and rescue command system (interface with emergency platform)

    5. Accident scene relay system

    6. On-board uninterrupted power generation lighting system

    7. On-board video upload module

    8, elevator supervision data information analysis system.

    9. Vehicle-mounted mobile office module

    10. Real-time monitoring module for ecological environment near vehicles

    11. Vehicle positioning real-time monitoring module

    12. Multimedia publicity and broadcasting system (including external display screen)

    13. Emergency medical library

    14. Elevator testing instrument library

    15. Emergency rescue tool library

    16. Emergency rescue instrument library

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