The Elevator Load Weighing Control System

○ Key product in new plan ○ Self-learning,no debug, off line, power-off protection, bug autoalarm ○ Supporting more than 300 elevator manufacturing enterprises in the world


The Elevator Load Weighing Control System

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    • Commodity name: The Elevator Load Weighing Control System

    ○ Key product in new plan ○ Self-learning,no debug, off line, power-off protection, bug autoalarm ○ Supporting more than 300 elevator manufacturing enterprises in the world

    System Overview

    Prospect DTZZIII series weighing controller is an elevator weighing device independently developed by our company to meet the weighing requirements of all passenger elevators, freight elevators, medical elevators and explosion-proof elevators. The weighing control system consists of two parts, one part is the control instrument part, and the other part is the weighing sensor part. The weighing sensor converts the weight signal into an electrical signal through the transmission cable to the control instrument part, which is processed by the control instrument part to complete the elevator weighing. When the weight of the elevator car changes, the control instrument can output multiple sets of relay contact signals and signals such as 0 ~ 10mA current, 0~10V, -10V ~ +10V voltage according to requirements. When overloading, the control instrument sends out sound and light alarm to provide accurate data for elevator weighing and starting. The load cell provides a variety of installation methods, which can be installed on the bottom of the car, the head plate of the elevator rope, the shaft of the top wheel of the elevator, the beam of the top of the elevator, the pedal of the escalator, the traction wire rope and the shaft pin type installation, etc., and can be used in conjunction with the control instrument. The pressure sensor is made of chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy, which conducts the load weight of the elevator car by sensing the deformation of the metal, and the overload capacity reaches 150-200%; the Hall sensor detects the change of its displacement, so as to realize the load weighing of the elevator car.


    Sensor selection and characteristics

    Integrated structure design, chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy material, in line with IP65 requirements, suitable for high tide wet environment, overload capacity of 150~200, accurate linear output, single sensor load range of 500kg ~ 5000kg.


    Model Specification (mm) Bearing range Technical parameters
    D48 φ48 500kg Sensitivity: 2±0.05mV/V
    Zero point:<± 0.15%F.S.
    Temperature range:-20-65°C
    Insulation resistance: ≥ 5000MΩ
    Safety overload capacity: 150%F.S.
    Ultimate overload capacity: 200%F.S.
    W20C 100 × 20 × 48 0.5t、1t、3t
    W24 150 × 24 × 48 0.5t、1t、3t
    W35 150 × 35 × 48 1t、3t、5t
    W110 110 × 74 × 48 1t、3t、5t
    W160B 160 × 54 × 48 3t、5t
    W170 170 × 40 × 20 1t


    Main features of the system

    ① Wide adaptation range of the sensor

    • Provide a variety of models, different loads of pressure sensors, special occasions can be extended to use multiple sensors;

    The sensor material is excellent, high redundancy

    • The pressure sensor is made of chromium, nickel and molybdenum alloy materials with good quality, with overload capacity of 150-200%, long service life, safety and reliability;

    ③ Accurate sensor detection

    • Pressure sensor detection accuracy, not affected by the environment, temperature;

    ④ Control instrument multiple protection

    • Product fault self-diagnosis, disconnection, power off automatic alarm;

    ⑤ Provide multiple communication interfaces

    • Customized RS485 and CAN communication products for passenger and freight elevators;

    Multiple output signals

    • The controller provides overload, full load, light load, half load multi-configuration relay output signal, according to user needs can also provide a variety of analog output, improve the comfort of the elevator operation;

    ⑦ High reliable anti-interference performance

    • Using optical isolation technology, multiple elevators run without interference. There is no inertia false alarm in the operation of the elevator. When the elevator is opened, the detection and control output are carried out. When the elevator is closed, the control instrument does not carry out weight detection, and the control output signal remains unchanged;

    ⑧ Multi-function display

    • The three-digit digital tube display can display the percentage of the elevator rated load and the floor where the elevator is located, which is convenient for users to operate;

    Various debugging methods

    • A variety of debugging methods, there are fast debugging, no-load floor self-learning, full-load floor self-learning, load correction and no weight debugging and other ways for users to choose.

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