Escalator Pedal Installation Solution

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The Elevator Load Weighing Control System

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    • Commodity name: Escalator Pedal Installation Solution

    It is suitable for the start control of various escalators, and the sensor is installed at the escalator pedal; the control instrument can provide multiple sets of relay output signals.

    Product model: DTZZIII-SFT
    Scope of application: all kinds of escalators
    Power supply voltage: AC220V
    Output mode: four groups of eight state relay contact output, the action point is adjustable
    Installation position: the pressure sensor is installed at the escalator pedal
    Load range: 10KG ~ 500KG


    Functional features

    ① According to the different force of the sensor, the corresponding contact signal can be provided to solve the problem of escalator identification of children;
    ② Installed at the escalator pedal, in line with the standard that the sensing point is more than 0.8 meters away from the step, to overcome the problem of insufficient distance of the opposite-shot photoelectric sensor;
    Through the induction of the weight of the output control signal, to overcome the reflective photoelectric switch on the color requirements;
    ④ The output of different weight contacts provides a reliable and effective solution for energy saving of escalators. The control system can calculate and output different variable frequency power according to the closing situation and frequency of different weight contacts.

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