[Special attention] High temperature strikes, frequent elevator failures? You can deal with this!

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2024-07-02 13:58


 The sun is scorching and the temperature soars

Many places in China have issued high temperature warning information.

The air is filled with heat waves, giving every corner of the city

They all pose no small challenge!


ElevatorAs in modern city life

indispensable means of transportation,

In the summer high temperature environment

Can it stand the "roast test"?


Will the continuous high temperature cause the elevator to stop and trap people?

How to avoid the room temperature is too high?

Facing the elevator caused by high temperature

How to deal with a series of problems?


The effect of high summer temperatures on

The Influence of Elevator and Its Countermeasures


① Overheating of electrical components:

The electrical components of the elevator are prone to failure due to overheating in a high temperature environment, resulting in the failure of the elevator button, the sudden failure of the door, and the parking of the elevator.


Strengthen the ventilation and heat dissipation of the elevator machine room: China's standard requires that the air temperature in the elevator machine room should be maintained between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius ". If the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, it is necessary to turn on temperature control equipment such as air conditioners or fans in the computer room to help dissipate heat, so as to reduce the temperature of the computer room and ensure the normal operation of electrical components.

② Increased wear of mechanical parts:

The mechanical parts of the elevator are prone to thermal expansion at high temperatures, resulting in increased friction between the parts, thereby increasing wear. At the same time, the continuous high temperature will reduce the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil, resulting in the unstable operation of the elevator and even abnormal noise.


Regular maintenance and inspection: timely detection and replacement of severely worn mechanical parts to ensure the safe operation of the elevator. At the same time, according to the use of the elevator and operating environment, timely replacement of new lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication effect.

③ Unstable control system:

The control system of the elevator is the brain of the elevator operation, which is responsible for receiving instructions and controlling the lifting and stopping of the elevator. High temperature may cause unstable performance of chips or circuit boards in the control system, which in turn affects the normal operation of the elevator.


Strengthen elevator maintenance and maintenance: during the summer high temperature,Increase the frequency of maintenance and maintenance, regular inspections during peak hours, and timely identify and resolve potential problems.



To sum up the above

● When the elevator machine room is operated at high temperature for a long time, it is easy to cause the circuit to overheat, cause the failure of electrical components, and cause the elevator to trap people.

● Through the 24-hour air conditioning of the computer room and regular inspections during peak hours, some problems caused by excessive temperature can be solved.

While addressing the impact of high temperatures on elevators,

Related energy problems can not be ignored!



"Energy saving and carbon reduction" policy means that the elevator industry,

More attention will be paid to the improvement of energy efficiency and the application of energy-saving technologies.

With the number of elevators in China increasing year by year,

At the same time, a large amount of energy consumption,

It also further aggravates the load-bearing pressure of the power grid.

In the context of the current pursuit of green development,

Elevator energy saving and "energy saving carbon reduction" policy is closely linked,

It has become an important part of promoting sustainable development.

Elevator electric energy feedback device as an innovative energy-saving equipment,

It plays an important role in energy saving.


foreground photoelectricElevator electric energy feedback device



 Elevator electric energy feedback deviceThe electric energy generated by the elevator traction machine under unbalanced load is inverted, and the inverter becomes the same frequency and phase alternating current with the power grid and returns to the local power grid. For the use of elevator main board, elevator shaft, car lighting, car fan, etc. and nearby places with load (or other elevators and auxiliary equipment).


Presentation of some sample works



Elevator electric energy feedback device with its outstanding energy-saving technology has obtained a number of certification, testing reports and the industry's wide recognition. It is not only applied to more than 1000 energy-saving projects in China, but also successfully landed in Singapore, Colombia and other foreign markets across national boundaries, contributing to the sustainable development of building energy conservation and building a green future.


Promote building energy efficiency and help green development.

With the maturity and popularity of lithium battery technology,

in recent years,Prospect Optoelectronics CorporationIn feedback, energy storage,

inverter and energy management,

With R & D strength and technical reserves,

Continuous low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving optimization,

and innovative breakthroughs in diversified application scenarios,

Make the elevator in energy saving, safety to achieve higher standards.



In the future, we will continue to move forward side by side with our partners,

Promote the vigorous development of smart building technology,

To build a greener, energy-efficient and safer

Smart elevator application scenarios and unremitting efforts!