[First Perspective] Prospect Optoelectronic 2024 Shanghai International Elevator Exhibition Explodes in May, Wonderful Review!

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2024-05-13 16:25


Qinhuangdao Development Zone Prospect Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Wonderful review of the exhibition site



May 8-11, 2024, sponsored by China Elevator Association and China International Economic and Technical Exchange Center

The 16th China International Elevator Exhibition was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

As a grand event of the development of the elevator industry, the exhibition area of this exhibition exceeds 80000 square meters, with thousands of exhibitors at home and abroad.

Elevator and component manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals from different countries and regions gathered together,

Show new technologies, new products, exchange and interaction, share results!


1# Wonderful Appearance

Focus on the exhibition site and attract bright spots


Qinhuangdao Development Zone Prospect Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.Located in booth 6B01 of exhibition hall 6.2H, with sincerity and strength, eight hard-core products of the company were assembled and made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition! Through the physical samples of the exhibition, exquisite brochures, vivid video displays and detailed on-site explanations, the company's comprehensive style and core competitiveness are fully and multi-angle.


During the exhibition,foreground photoelectricCompany booth site to come to consult and exchange of new and old customers friends in an endless stream! Old customers who have cooperated for many years visit and chat with us to catch up with the past, and many new friends who come here to visit the booth to exchange and discuss cooperation!



2# technology enabling integration and win-win

To appreciate the technological frontier and expand the international perspective


With more than 20 years of deep accumulation and experience in the field of elevator component product development and manufacturing,foreground photoelectricThe company continues to refresh the industry benchmark, showing a strong innovation ability and manufacturing strength, but also won the industry wide acclaim and reputation.



At the exhibition site, we enthusiastically explained the product and technical highlights to the customers who came to consult, listened attentively to the actual needs of customers, and actively created customized solutions for customers.At the same time, it also attracted international friends from Russia, Italy, Germany, India and other countries to stop and consult to discuss cooperation opportunities! The international friends on the scene are very popular and full of international style!




3# "Wisdom" Set sail to create a better future

Hand in hand, the future is beyond imagination


The exhibition is not only a feast of elevator technology display, but also a grand event of industry exchange. Through in-depth exchanges with many outstanding companies and industry leaders, and exploring the future development of elevator technology, we have gained profound industry insights and rich opportunities for cooperation.



At the exhibition, the major exhibitors showed a variety of advanced elevator products and solutions, from high-speed elevators to intelligent elevator control systems, from energy saving and environmental protection to humanized design, each innovation reflects the unremitting pursuit of technological progress in the elevator industry.



foreground photoelectricAs an enterprise engaged in the development, production and sales of elevator supporting products, the company continues to deepen technological innovation in the industry to provide customers with good products and services and more intelligent, efficient and safe elevator solutions. Through in-depth cross-cultural exchanges with many international friends, the exhibition further explores the needs of the international market and expands more opportunities for international cooperation.



Thanks to all partners for their support and walk all the way,

We also look forward to working together to build a broader space for development,

Create a better future for the elevator industry!