[Knowledge Popularization] The "soul dialogue" between elevator steel belt and steel wire rope made me understand this truth!

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2024-06-05 11:02


Elevator steel belt


Elevator wire rope


In the elevator machine room



Elevator steel belt ▶Straighten the chest:Hey! Brother Wire Rope, it's rare for us to meet here. We haven't seen each other for a while. Why do you look much vicissitudes of life? Look at my spirit, sturdy and durable, able to withstand huge pulling force, and is a leader in modern elevator technology.

Elevator wire rope ▶With a smile:Oh? So confident, Brother Steel Belt. I admit, you are a product of modern technology. But don't forget, I not only have good flexibility and wear resistance, but also have a long history and rich application experience.

Elevator steel belt ▶No hurry, no rashness:You're right, you're really flexible and can adapt to all kinds of complex elevator operation scenarios. But compared with me, your weight and space are too big. Now more and more high-rise buildings, space utilization is a big problem. I am not only stronger, but also more portable, and can better adapt to the needs of modern architecture.

Elevator wire rope ▶Indicates understanding:Although you have some truth, don't forget that I have a long service life and low maintenance cost. Moreover, many old-fashioned elevators still use me, which shows that I have irreplaceable value.

Elevator steel belt ▶Nodded thoughtfully:It seems that we do have our own strengths. You are more suitable for some special application scenarios, and I am more suitable for the pursuit of efficient, lightweight modern architecture. However, in any case, we are an indispensable part of the elevator industry, and we should give full play to our own advantages and jointly contribute to providing people with a safe and comfortable travel experience.

Elevator wire rope ▶Eerie:Indeed! Elevator is a special equipment, which is closely related to people's life and property safety. As its main load-bearing and supporting element, quality and safety are the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the elevator system and the safety of passengers. Therefore, it is very important to predict and diagnose your physical condition in advance and take preventive measures!

Elevator steel belt ▶Have answers:Brother wire rope, when it comes to diagnosing the physical condition in advance, I have my own'secret weapon'! It is rare for us to communicate so happily. I'll talk about it carefully below.......”



According to relevant information: China's annual cost for steel belt replacement is very considerable, while the phenomenon of steel belt waste is also very serious. A large number of statistics and research results show that strengthening the steel strip condition monitoring can save a lot of steel strip resources every year.



Due to the flat structure of the steel belt, it is easy to deviate in the horizontal direction, resulting in vibration of the elevator and internal wire breakage.

The design life of the steel belt is 20 years, but after 5 years of actual use, it is prone to surface rubber aging and partial steel wire breakage and cannot be observed by the naked eye.

Due to improper installation, material quality, running state, wear, environment and other factors, the elevator steel belt will break.

The above problems will directly affect the safety and stability of the elevator. If it is not detected and repaired in time, it will cause the elevator to malfunction and even cause accidents. It will not only seriously interfere with the normal operation and use of the elevator, but also pose a potential threat to the personal safety of passengers.


Therefore, it is necessary to detect the elevator steel belt in real time.

Foreground Optoelectronics 「Broken wire monitoring device for elevator steel belt


Broken wire detection of elevator steel belt


On-off detection of elevator steel belt


Broken wire monitoring device for elevator steel belt,The broken wire of the elevator steel belt,Real-time detection of on-off damage,When the steel strip is broken/broken,Complete contact alarm action.


Accurate judgment of real-time monitoring

Accurately judge the internal situation of the steel strip and monitor the on-off damage in real time;

Multi-belt monitoring disconnection alarm

According to the requirements of market safety operation, 1-4 steel strips can be monitored at the same time;

Innovative detection and easy installation

The detection method is novel, and the installation of the steel belt and the product is simple and convenient;

Private custom flexible adaptation

According to customer requirements to adapt to different specifications of steel belt adapter box.



Broken wire monitoring device for elevator steel beltThe wide application of the elevator is due to its excellent safety monitoring performance: real-time and accurate detection of the broken wire/on-off situation of the elevator steel belt, abnormal alarm, effective prevention of potential safety risks, improve the safety of elevator operation. It can be applied to various elevator scenes such as residential buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, business buildings, airports, subway stations, etc., providing a safety guarantee for people's daily travel. At the same time, the application of the device has also promoted the technological progress of the elevator industry and promoted the continuous development and improvement of related technologies.


Elevator steel belt ▶Partners, after listening to my introduction, I believe everyone has some understanding of the broken wire/on-off detection of elevator steel belt. As a member of the elevator steel belt family, I am the core component of elevator operation, carrying the important mission of ensuring the safety of people up and down the elevator.Broken wire monitoring device for elevator steel belt, It is always vigilant. Once an abnormality is found, it will immediately issue an alarm to remind people to take timely measures for maintenance. It is like my guardian, always silently guarding the safety and stability of the elevator.

It is precisely because of the existence of this "guardian" that we can enjoy the beautiful life created by the power of science and technology, and obtain tangible benefits from it! The future is long and the future can be expected. I believe that in every challenge and opportunity, we can get to know more like-minded partners, let us join hands and move more firmly towards the future of science and technology and wisdom!