Good news, Prospect was listed in the Top 100 Innovative Companies of 2015, and the elevator energy management system became a key recommended project for national scientific and technological achievements.

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2016-01-26 16:30



The first China Innovation Conference, sponsored by China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Review Committee and other units, with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, SASAC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce and other eight ministries and commissions as guiding units, was held in Beijing Jingxi Hotel on January 26, 2016. PROSPECT's application of electric energy feedback technology in elevators won the "2015 China Top 100 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements" and was listed in the "2015 Key Recommended Project".




In order to thoroughly implement the national spirit of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, adapt to the new normal of economic development and create a new engine of economic development. Since 2015, the Institute of Economic Management of the Machinery Industry and the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Review Committee have launched the annual "China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Collection Activity" nationwide, and at the same time collect key recommended technologies and key recommended projects in 2015, and cooperate with various universities across the country. Professors, venture capital, venture capital fund managers, senior experts, well-known entrepreneurs, etc., demonstrate, evaluate and approve the results recommended by various regions.




The Zhongchuang Conference is a platform set up to promote mass innovation and entrepreneurship. It aims to promote the rapid innovation and development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Support the construction of mass innovation space and innovation and entrepreneurship bases; Promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization; Counseling and investment and financing services for the listing of the new third board; Carry out the application and consultation of national special funds and project initiation; Service achievement enterprises serve the local economy, broaden the consumption field and promote consumption upgrading. The first China Conference issued a total of 166 key recommended technologies and 44 key recommended projects.


Elevator electric energy feedback device



The elevator power feedback project is an energy-saving project tailored by PROSPECT for elevator energy conservation. The device can effectively return the electric energy stored in the capacitor to the regional AC power grid for use by other surrounding electrical equipment. At the same time, it avoids the thermal effect of resistance on the elevator machine room. The power saving effect is obvious, and the power saving rate can reach up to 45%.