Prospect’s DTZIII elevator load weighing control system was honored as one of the Top Ten Artisanal Products of 2017.

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2017-09-08 16:26

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On September 8, 2017, the second elevator industry user selection activity of "Laiyi Cup" China Dream Brand Dream "sponsored by Saier Media kicked off at Shanghai Xinghewan Hotel. At the award ceremony, PROSPECT's DTZZIII elevator weight load control system won the" Top Ten Ingenuity Products of 2017 ".




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PROSPECT, a high-tech enterprise born in the elevator industry on the coast of Bohai Sea in 1999, its core product DTZZ-III series weighing device has been widely recognized in the elevator industry and won the reputation of "elevator weighing expert" after nearly 20 years of self-breakthrough and meticulous craftsmanship, with scientific design, stable performance, standardized and intimate service.


DTZZ-III weighing products, the prospect of ingenuity manufacturing




DTZZ-III elevator weighing series products have many superior performances such as high control precision, easy maintenance, anti-interference, precise floor weight compensation, main board communication, multi-group contact output, power-off and disconnection fault alarm, etc. They have won the honorary titles of "National Key New Product", "High-tech Product", "China Quality Product", etc., and have reached supporting cooperation agreements with many well-known elevator enterprises, such as Shanghai Mitsubishi, Xizi Otis, Shenyang Yuanda, Schindler (China), ThyssenKrupp (China), Hitachi Elevator (China), etc., with the quality of "ingenuity" products have been widely praised by customers.



DTZZ-III series of products to obtain "ingenuity" products is by no means accidental, is PROSPECT always adhere to the results of the spirit of craftsmen.

After 5 months of selection, PROSPECT won the award on behalf of the majority of users of our company's brand trust, respect and recognition, we will continue to work hard in the future development, to obtain greater honor.