Passing through nine provinces and cities, lasting 25 days, traveling 25,000 miles, the 2018 Elevator Charity Tour in the West has come to a close in Xi’an.

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2018-09-03 16:25



On August 29, "Rhubarb" sailed into Dabashan and crossed the Qinling Mountains to reach Xi 'an, the last stop of this western public welfare tour.




With the rapid development of the city, the number of elevators in Xi'an has continued to grow rapidly. As of the end of July 2017, the number of elevators in use in the city has reached more than 70000, accounting for 50% of the number of elevators in use in Shaanxi Province, and the average annual growth rate is 15%. about. Compared with the rapid development of elevator applications, the elevator industry is more difficult to supervise, and the talent gap in elevator maintenance and other industries is more obvious. The elevator safety situation is still grim and not optimistic. In particular, the incidence of elevator failures and people trapped remains high, elevator complaints and reports are rising year by year, and public opinions on elevator safety occur from time to time.




In the lecture hall, Zhang Yanchao, former vice president of Hebei Special Inspection Institute, Xu Cheng, former deputy chief engineer of Jiangsu Special Inspection Institute, and Hou Yongjie, vice president of Qinhuangdao PROSPECT Optoelectronics Research and Development, had face-to-face exchanges with more than 60 representatives of Shaanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Shaanxi Elevator Association and local elevator enterprises and vocational colleges on topics closely related to citizens' lives, such as elevator quality and safety improvement and application of high-tech elevator early warning technology.




Before the start of the elevator safety lecture hall, the leaders of the Shaanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the Shaanxi Elevator Industry Association came to inspect the world's first elevator early warning and rescue vehicle developed in Qinhuangdao. The leaders invited prospective photoelectric experts to explain in detail the functions and principles of vehicle early warning, rescue and command, and conducted a more in-depth discussion on how to popularize and apply high-tech equipment and how it is more suitable for landing in Xi 'an.


Itinerary Review

The western public welfare trip started from Langfang, Hebei on August 8. It lasted more than 20 days and traveled more than 10,000 kilometers. It successively carried out landing activities in Yinchuan, Ningxia, Lanzhou, Gansu, Xining, Qinghai, Lhasa, Tibet, and Chengdu, Sichuan. Xi'an, Shaanxi is the end of this event.

Yinchuan Station




PROSPECT EFR Elevator Warning Rescue Vehicle

Let the "Pearl" Yinchuan shine more




The scene of the lecture hall, where the learning atmosphere was the highest, was surrounded by students. The corridors and aisles were full of people, and they were unwilling to leave during recess.




Lanzhou Station




PROSPECT EFR Elevator Warning Rescue Vehicle

Let Lanzhou blow "big yellow wind"




The quality supervision departments of various cities in Gansu came to learn more about and inspect "rhubarb". Relevant personnel in Lanzhou elevator industry competed to see rhubarb and spoke highly of it.




Xining Station




"city elevator safety aircraft carrier" sails into xining

Encounter the most beautiful Qinghai Lake!




Qinghai lake, in this 3200 meters above sea level rhubarb and Qinhuangdao elevator car remote connection, equipment and vehicles are still running well.


Lhasa Station




PROSPECT EFR Elevator Early Warning Rescue Vehicle Conquers "Roof of the World"

Explore the mysterious Potala Palace!




Hoh Xil is an alpine grassland full of life. It is not a desert. It has sunny days, green areas and blue lakes. In this holy land of life and faith, rhubarb and the company are connected remotely again.

Equipment and personnel are all normal!




Chengdu Railway Station




PROSPECT EFR elevator early warning rescue vehicle challenges "the most difficult Shu road"

After the danger, the rainbow accompanies!




Sichuan-Tibet line, rhubarb 32 hours out of such a dangerous situation, according to the local people said that a week did not open in the past is normal, after the danger, there is always a rainbow!




Just as a leader of the quality supervision department said, I hope that the public welfare activities that bring advanced technology, concepts and equipment to the western region have no end, and elevator early warning and rescue vehicles will always be on the road!