The elevator emergency rescue vehicle made its debut at the International Elevator Elite Invitational, impressing international friends.

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2018-09-10 15:31

2018 Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS skills Development and technological Innovation Competition-Elevator installation and maintenance Technology International Elite Invitational Competition was successfully held in Hebei Langfang Vocational and Technical College. The organizers hope to create a good social atmosphere through the competition, improve the technical level of elevator installation and maintenance of elevator employees, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees in the elevator industry, and improve the safety level of elevators in China.




The International Elite Invitational Competition for Elevator Installation and Maintenance Technology is hosted by the BRICS Business Council, co-sponsored by the BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition Organizing Committee, the Belt and Road Initiative and the BRICS Skills Development International Alliance, and the China Academy of Building Sciences Co., Ltd. The Construction Mechanization Research Branch of the company and Beijing Jiake Xinxing Technology Co., Ltd. jointly organized. A total of more than 200 representatives from colleges and enterprises participated in the competition, focusing on advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.


EFR elevator early warning rescue vehicle to help this competition




EFR elevator early warning and rescue vehicle is based on high-precision gyro acceleration sensing technology. It analyzes elevator operation data through space vector, and combines video, Internet of Things, cloud computing, infrared imaging, life detection, environmental monitoring, and big data analysis and management technologies to collect, analyze and process elevator operation data within the area in real time, so as to achieve intelligent prediction of potential elevator failures, reminder of elevator maintenance overdue, prompt of elevator annual inspection expiration, and emergency disposal of faulty elevators, implement emergency rescue for trapped people, realize scientific and effective management of urban elevators, prevent elevator accidents, and protect the safety of urban life and property.


"Rhubarb" debuts with rave reviews




Leaders and guests of the competition came to visit and took a photo with "Rhubarb"




"Rhubarb" Attractions South African President of BRICS Meeting




Foreign Experts Change Seconds to Primary School Students Listen Carefully to the Explanation of Daqiang and Prospect Beauty




"Rhubarb" shows its international style, attracting foreign friends to stop to visit and take photos to praise rhubarb.


After two days of intense and fierce competition, all kinds of awards in the competition were produced, and a grand commendation and award ceremony was held in the first city of Xianghe in Langfang.




The purpose of this competition is to gradually improve the technical level and quality of elevator maintenance enterprises through skills competition, and promote the healthy development of the elevator maintenance industry, so as to better meet the safety needs of the general public when traveling on elevators.