Warm welcome, a delegation from the Qinhuangdao Development and Reform Commission, led by Chen Zhanqin, visited Prospect.

Release Time:

2021-12-24 16:08

On December 22, 2021, Chen Zhanqin, director of Qinhuangdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and his party visited PROSPECT for guidance. PROSPECT marketing director Wu Xuzhong company senior leadership warm reception and in-depth exchanges.




Company product visit




Leaders of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission "96333" Wisdom"generated a strong interest

In order to comply with the development trend of elevator intelligent supervision and respond to the policy call of "Internet of Things Maintenance" issued by the General Administration of Market Supervision (Document 56), PROSPECT Optoelectronic "Intelligent 96333" elevator early warning and rescue vehicle can not only solve the practical problems encountered in elevator use and maintenance, but also improve the scientificity and effectiveness of maintenance, ensure the safe operation of elevators and realize intelligent supervision of elevators.

Then the leaders moved to the company's multi-functional exhibition hall to further visit the company's products.




Corporate Honor Wall


PROSPECT was established in 1999. Over the past 22 years, PROSPECT Optoelectronics has not only obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights, new product planning projects, participated in the drafting of product standards, and successively obtained a number of product and enterprise certifications such as quality system, environmental protection, and energy saving. At the same time, it was awarded "Hebei High-tech Enterprise" and "Software Enterprise" by Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department and Information Industry Department ".

Adhering to the R & D concept of "collaboration, sharing, thinking and innovation", it takes meeting all the technical requirements of customers as its mission, continuously improves the scientific and technological content of products, continuously develops products in the field of savings, and guides the mainstream and direction of new technology components of system equipment.




Elevator Weight Load Control System

The company not only provides elevator weighing equipment for more than 300 large-scale whole elevator factories such as Mitsubishi, Otis and Schindler, but also serves key projects such as Zhangjiajie Bailong Ladder and Shenwu Launch Tower.




Elevator IC Intelligent Management System

The company can provide a variety of elevator IC card intelligent calling solutions such as two-dimensional code, face recognition, password, fingerprint, active card, CPU, etc. to meet the selection needs of different users.




Elevator Seismic Monitor/Earthquake Emergency Rescue


The elevator seismic monitor can effectively enter the controlled operation state before or when the earthquake occurs, so that the elevator can open the door at the near floor level, release the passengers in the elevator, and ensure that the elevator equipment is not damaged. A protective gear has been installed for the safety of more people.


earthquake emergency rescue device


The net red product earthquake emergency lifeguard is a portable self-rescue handheld device with functions such as emergency hand-cranked self-generating/DC power output/indoor emergency glass crushing/flashing light alarm for help/high-frequency sound alarm/led flashlight lighting/strong magnet adsorption/rapid safety belt cutting/am/fm FM radio/mobile phone charging. When an earthquake disaster occurs, it can not only help survive, but also facilitate self-rescue. The radio function can be informed of rescue information at any time.




Escalator disinfection instrument

At present, the situation of prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic is still grim, and contact transmission is still the main route of transmission of the new coronavirus. The company's escalator disinfection instrument products use C- wave ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the handrail belt to effectively clean and sterilize the escalator and automatic sidewalk handrail belt. For Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other effects, the sterilization effect is as high as 99%, reducing the risk of cross infection of bacteria and viruses in crowded places.




Elevator braking capacity detector


The elevator braking capacity detector can use two ways of wire rope or rotating shaft to detect whether the elevator braking capacity is qualified. Touch screen operation, convenient and quick. In 2017, as the "examination equipment" in the national elevator maintenance worker installation competition, it was well received by the judges and candidates of the competition.




Elevator remote monitoring and management system


Elevator remote monitoring and management system can collect the faults such as elevator top, squatting and opening, and transmit the fault information to the monitoring platform through GPRS, RS485 and Ethernet. Its voice comfort, voice intercom, video monitoring and other expansion functions can realize on-demand maintenance of maintenance personnel, appease trapped personnel, reduce the anxiety of trapped personnel, and further ensure the safety of elevator users.




Elevator electric energy feedback device


The elevator electric energy feedback device was launched in 2008 and was approved by the national key new product plan in 2011. It can effectively return the electric energy stored in the capacitor to the regional AC power grid for use by other surrounding electrical equipment (elevator main board, elevator shaft, car lighting, car fan and other places with load or other elevator accessory equipment). The power saving rate is as high as 45%, and the conversion rate is over 97%. At the same time, it conforms to the requirements of China's economic transformation and upgrading to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and realizes the transformation and development of green and low carbon.




Customer cooperation


Companies with large-scale whole ladder factory and real estate companies extensive cooperation, quality to win credibility, good reputation from the strength of the hard core. The company's product footprint not only covers major cities across the country, but also exported to the United States, France, Lebanon, Portugal, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Jordan, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Peru.

The visit guidance, so that our company and the municipal development and Reform Commission set up a good bridge of communication. Thanks to the leadership of the municipal development and reform Commission for giving us affirmation and care, we will continue to give full play to light and heat in the field of elevator safety components and elevator intelligent supervision, and contribute to the intelligent elevator cause!