Toshiba Elevators, a Fortune Global 500 company, visited Prospect for inspection to promote sustainable development and win-win future.

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2022-08-16 15:55

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Japanese representatives and relevant personnel





[Strive forward, win-win cooperation!]


Focus · Toshiba Elevator (China) Co., Ltd

Toshiba Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, mainly engaged in the development, design, sales, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and transformation of "TOSHIBA" brand elevators (escalators).

As a multinational enterprise, the company is engaged in the development and manufacture of environment-friendly elevator products, pays attention to personnel training, and constantly provides customers with new surprises and touching products and services, so as to build a ladder for China's economic take-off!

Visit · Study · Exchange · Cooperation




On August 12, 2022, Japanese representatives of Toshiba Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. and related personnel visited PROSPECT.




Wu Xuzhong, marketing director of our company, led Wu Xueyong, director of technical service department, and Wang Dechun, manager of quality technology center, to warmly receive and welcome the Japanese representatives and their party.

# First stop: Multi-function exhibition hall




Toshiba Elevator Japanese representatives moved to the company's multi-function hall to listen to Wu Xueyong, director of technical services, to introduce the company's main products.




The Japanese representative of Toshiba Elevator listened to Wu Xueyong, director of technical service, onElevator Seismic MonitorThe relevant introduction, and the equipment in the earthquake before the arrival of the early warning and its function is recognized.




The elevator seismic monitor can detect the seismic wave in advance and output the alarm contact signal to control the elevator before the earthquake arrives. Maximum to save the safety of passengers, while reducing the damage to the elevator equipment in the event of an earthquake. It provides a breakthrough for the research in the field of elevator earthquake alarm.




Toshiba Elevator Japan's representative held the company's 100-megabyte optical fiber video system to inquire about relevant details and functions.




The 100 M optical fiber video system adopts OFDM carrier transmission principle, which has high transmission bandwidth, strong anti-interference ability and simple use method, and successfully solves the problems of difficult wiring, serious interference and high cost. It is an ideal solution for long-distance, high-reliability audio and video transmission and high-speed data communication.




Toshiba Elevator Japanese representatives personally experienced the company's elevator IC intelligent management system series products (credit card calling ladder, fingerprint credit card two in one, two-dimensional code credit card two in one), and especially praised the new intelligent contactless elevator (voice calling ladder, gesture calling ladder).




Other accompanying personnel of our company-Jin Boyu, manager of R & D Technology Center, and Zhang Wen, software engineer, also interacted with them.




# Second stop: dust-free workshop




PROSPECT stipulates that the equipment must be kept at constant temperature and humidity in the dust-free workshop to prevent fine particles and frictional static electricity from affecting the quality of products, so that products can be produced and manufactured in a good environment and improve product quality.

# Third Station: Inspection of Relevant Processes from Incoming to Delivery

The Japanese representative of Toshiba Elevator had a detailed exchange on the process and quality control of product feeding, storage, production, warehousing, and delivery.



The raw material testing in the procurement and warehousing process is strictly based on the "GB/T2828.1-2012 Sampling Plan" for sampling testing, and PCBA uses AOI professional detector (in line with the "IPC-A-610G Electronic Component Acceptability Standard")-stored separately according to the material category.




Warehouse environmental management, take anti-static measures, the establishment of constant temperature and humidity library, daily registration, to ensure that anti-static devices, humidity sensitive devices and other related devices, to meet the storage requirements.




Warehouse process management, using the principle of first-in, first-out,In addition, anti-dumbness treatment was carried out, and the code was scanned for delivery. The physical delivery object was compared with the batch number in the computer by scanning the code, so as to strictly control the delivery gate.




Process flow and quality control, the production process using the whole process traceability code can be checked, and the finished product at room temperature aging. The whole process is systematic and standardized, showing the company's rigorous process and quality control.




Customers can directly enter the reserved mobile phone number or fixed telephone, inquire about the logistics situation and carry out logistics tracking, which reflects the intelligent service.




# The fourth stop: production workshop

PROSPECT strictly implements 6S management system: sorting (SEIRI), sorting (SEITON), cleaning (SEISO), cleaning (SEIKETSU), literacy (SHITSUKE) and safety (SECURITY).




Zhang Wenhe, head of the production and manufacturing center, and Wu Xuzhong, director of marketing, respectively introduced workshop production and 6s management for Japanese representatives.





All departments of the company adhere to the 6S management, so that the staff work process standardization, reduce waste, make the work more convenient, efficient and stable. At the same time, it also reflects the company's people-oriented, strengthen safety management, and ensure product quality.

Outlook · Future

Through this visit, the two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges in technology research and development, personnel training and other aspects, and achieved phased results in order to promote cooperation between the two sides. Toshiba Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Japanese representatives and their related personnel gave recognition and affirmation to the company!

PROSPECT adheres to the R & D concept of "collaboration, win-win, thinking, and innovation", continues to aim at international needs, continues to explore overseas markets, and promotes products to "go global"! At the same time also welcome all friends hand in hand, win-win cooperation, the future can be expected!