Smart manufacturing, increasing efficiency and energy saving, Prospect has once again been awarded the Environmental Management System Certification.

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2023-02-06 15:35

On January 18, 2023,PROSPECT Successfully passed the ISO14001 environmental management system audit and obtained the environmental system certification again.




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Research and development and assembly of elevator weight load control system, elevator IC intelligent management system, earthquake sensing alarm system, urban elevator remote automatic alarm security management system, elevator power feedback device, 100 M optical fiber video system, escalator disinfection instrument

the attestation of this certificate PROSPECT The company has the environmental assurance capability to provide products or services in accordance with established environmental protection standards and regulatory requirements; it has confirmed that the raw materials, production processes, processing methods used in production and the use and disposal of products meet the requirements of environmental protection standards and regulations.

It also marks PROSPECT It has taken a key step on the road of scientization, refinement and standardization, and has increased strong support and guarantee for the sustainable long-term development of the company.


About Environmental Management System Certification

ISO14001 environmental management system certification standards, is a complete, scientific, operational system standards. The standard requires effective control of the entire production process of the enterprise, from the initial design to the final product and service, it is necessary to consider reducing pollution generation, emissions and environmental impact.

By setting the establishment of objectives, indicators, management programs to control important environmental factors, to reduce or completely avoid excessive emissions of pollutants, thereby saving expenditure, reducing costs, access to significant economic benefits.





1. Fundamentally achieve pollution prevention and continuous improvement, promote the development of clean products, the use of clean technology, the use of efficient equipment, the rational disposal of waste process.

2. To meet the requirements of relevant parties. Such as suppliers, customers, bidding and other enterprises need to provide ISO14001 certificates.

3. Improve the level of enterprise management and promote the transformation of enterprise management mode. By controlling the consumption of various resources, it optimizes its own cost management.

4. To enable enterprises to obtain a "green pass" to enter the international market and strengthen international competitiveness.

5. In the environmental management system to clarify and prevent environmental risks, reduce the risk of catastrophic accidents.

6. improve the level of internal management, reduce management costs.

Validity: The certification certificate is valid for three years; after three years, the organization must apply for review and re-register to obtain the certificate.


PROSPECT to practice the "green" development road

01 Smart Manufacturing

Building a green, energy-saving and efficient enterprise has always beenforeground photoelectricConstant pursuit. In combination with its own actual situation, the company adheres to the industry's high standards as the criterion, strictly controls every production link, and escorts the product quality.




Figure | Production Workshop




Figure | dust-free workshop


The process of product feeding, storage, production, warehousing and delivery is rigorous, scientific and safe. The wisdom of manufacturing, green production into practice.




Figure | Warehouse-Finished Product/Raw Material Area




Figure | Constant Temperature and Humidity Library


02 Efficiency and energy saving

The purpose of environmental management system is to protect the environment, reduce the impact of operation activities on the environment, protect and utilize natural resources, and realize the sustainable development of society and enterprises.PROSPECT in the process of continuous development, the company actively promotes carbon reduction and emission reduction. At the same time, the products such as elevator power feedback devices also have low-carbon and energy-saving characteristics.




Figure | Elevator electric energy feedback device


PROSPECT strict implementation of 6S management system: sorting (SEIRI), rectification (SEITON), cleaning (SEISO), cleaning (SEIKETSU), literacy (SHITSUKE), safety (SECURITY).




Figure | 6S Management Identifier


Continuously improve the level of corporate management and employee energy-saving awareness, enhance the corporate social image and competitiveness, and help the corporate vision of "providing safe and intelligent elevator testing equipment and solutions to serve the elevator safety business.




Figure | Toshiba Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Representatives Visit


In August 2022, representatives of Toshiba Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. and related personnel will visit PROSPECT visits. The standardization, systematization and standardization of the product production process and the high efficiency, low carbon and energy saving of the company's overall operation have been highly recognized and fully affirmed!


"Environmental management system certification" passed smoothly,

It not only enhances the company's market competitiveness,

Also to further enhance the level of service,

Establish a more solid foundation for corporate image.

the future,PROSPECT Will continue

Consolidate the level of basic environmental management

Looking to a broader market space

To provide customers with safe and reliable

Smart Elevator Products and Services

Unremitting efforts! Keep going!