Team building review: Incorporate joy into work and happiness into life.

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2024-01-30 00:00

The sun is shining and we set off together.

Travel in the green waters and green mountains to tasting poetic distance

Life is not only busy in front of us, but also poetry and distance!

Looking back on the past year, PROSPECT team

With unremitting efforts, fruitful results have been achieved.

In order for everyone to relax after work,

The happy into the work, the happy into the life!

Celebrate brilliant achievements and welcome a bright future!

PROSPECT has carefully organized a

To "achieve team glory to help me grow up in life"

For the theme of the Guilin group building tour.

Under the premise of not affecting the normal operation of the company,

The group building activities were carried out in two batches.

Six days of wonderful and rich itinerary,

Let the partners fully feel the charm of nature,

A taste of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland!




Guilin meets at the beginning of the drunken beauty landscape

The mountains and rivers are wide and all things are lovely.

From Qinhuangdao → Beijing → Guilin

Laughing all the way, the atmosphere is harmonious

The first stop with Guilin

Start with the Dragon Ridge Terrace

"Dragon Ridge Terrace" is called

"Beautiful scenery hanging on the sky"

Wandering in the lines like flowing clouds and water

In the stacked magnificent terraces

Mount the Five Tigers Observation Deck in Kowloon

In the floating sea of clouds

Intoxicated with it, linger!







Pour in "Huangluo Yaozhai", "the world's first long hair village", experience the Hongyao COSPLAY dress-up show, step on the bluestone road, shuttle through the diaojiao buildings, and feel the simple Zhuang Yao people's original ecological characteristics of group life.






Take a four-star cruise to the "Panorama of the Li River 』




The Lijiang River is known as "the river makes a green Luo belt, and the mountains are like jasper hairpin"

reputation. The mountains on both sides of the river are tall and straight,

There are many forms, and the feeling of "sailing on the blue waves,

People in the painting "beautiful situation!




The blue waves are rippling with the cruise ship, and the oncoming are clear water and green mountains, wave stone fairyland, nine horse painted mountains, yellow cloth reflection... The river turns according to the mountains, and the scenery is beautiful.

You won't be short of money after swimming in Silver Rock!


The silver rock of the karst landform, the looming lights, the stalactites of different ages, show the uncanny workmanship of nature!



"Printing Liu Sanjie" & "Guilin Eternals" Performance

Set artistic, shocking, national, visual

In one landscape live performance "impression of Liu Sanjie 』

Lijiang River landscape between the visual gluttonous;

Sound, light, electricity and other high-tech stage,

Water, land and air three-dimensional space, "Guilin thousand ancient feelings 』

Sing the legend through time and space,

Bagui Culture Hidden under the Lijiang River

into everyone's vision,

Reproduce the guilin love of the third generation and the third generation.


Experience "Yulong River Drifting" by bamboo raft 』



Drifting down the turquoise waterways.

The mountains on both sides are undulating,

The gentle little Li River, water clear and transparent.

On the Yulong Bridge, listen to the singing of the dragon, and walk slowly in the water,

Raft floats on the water, people swim in the painting......



Guilin's landscape is the best in the world








Ride the drunken beauty belt "Ten Mi Gallery 』

Re-engrave Tao Yuanming's Ideal Dwelling in "Xanadu 』

The veins of green hills, gurgling water, village pastoral

Intoxicated with it, time seems to be frozen!



Ladies and gentlemen, "cyclists" show offHand moment


"Duxiufeng Wangcheng Scenic Area 』




Chasing history, looking at the cliff stone carvings;

Hand-printed "Fu" word; into the "Gong Yuan"

Experience the "imperial examination" process;

Climb Duxiu Peak, overlook, overlook,

Guilin panoramic view!






Travel to the "Gudong Waterfall" surrounded by forests 』



The mountains and rivers can't be seen enough, and the humanities and history can't be read enough.

Mountains and waters are pleasing to the eye, and "sen" breathes and washes the lungs to nourish the body.

Everyone shuttled in the forest mist surrounded by beauty,

Experience high-altitude zipline, forest train,

Still having fun!








"Da Wei Ancient Town" Lijiang Wharf

Shuttle in the ancient town full of history and culture

Let's watch the sunset at Lijiang Dock.

With hope and longing, picking up stones and stopping

As if step by step into an ink painting



"Elephant trunk mountain" of Guilin "badge 』



Night Tour "Guilin Twin Towers" Reflecting the Landmark Landscape of Cedar Lake

The Adventures of Boarding and "Two Rivers and Four Lakes"

Fisherman's coir raincoat, cormorant fishing, original boat song and dance

Light and shadow light show ...... Guilin at night

It looks even more dazzling!



A journey to capture the joy of the moment

Not to live up to Shaohua's concentric peers




Interesting life, half is mountains, lakes and seas.

We place our love on the mountains and waters of Guilin,

Swim in the beautiful scenery,

Enhance tacit understanding, work together,

To release the energy of joy,

A sense of happiness and belonging,

Accidentally amazing time......




The world is only good food and wine can not live up ~

Rice noodles, camellia, beer fish.......

Pin all the way to Guilin local cuisine

savor its rich and varied food culture





Gratitude with a full harvest

Thank you for having a future.

Ride on the fun and return home. In the laughter,

The tour of Guilin has come to a successful conclusion.

Believe that those unforgettable and precious moments,

will be etched in everyone's memory,

Standing in time......



Gratitude Company Gives Guilin Group Construction Tour

Along the way, we help each other,

Trust and care for each other.

In the common learning progress,

Everyone has a new harvest,

It has injected new vitality into the cohesion of the team.



Respected by society for their work,

Being envied by others because of their work,

He is loved by his family for his work.

As a member of the prospect family,

We are lucky, but also happy!

Although the tour of Guilin has ended,

But our journey will continue!

In the new year, we will definitely

continue to give play to their advantages, actively contribute their wisdom,

Concentrate on the common transcendence, work hand in hand to create glory,

Towards a higher goal!

For PROSPECT of the vigorous development of photoelectric hard work!

Believe that PROSPECT of tomorrow will be better!