The Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association was established, which promoting the industry development to a new level.

Release Time:

2023-09-01 11:56

On August 31, 2023, the inaugural meeting of Qinhuangdao special equipment industry association was held in the first brigade Jinglun hotel. The conference passed the "Articles of Association" and various management measures, elected 1 chairman unit, 3 vice-chairman units, and selected 11 governing units. A total of 44 delegates (attached list) attended the conference, and a ceremony of awarding licenses and certificates was held.




Qinhuangdao City Market Supervision Administration Party Secretary and Director Gao Weidong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.




Zhang Pengpeng, chief of Qinhuangdao Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, read out the approval letter for the establishment of Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association.




Xuan Yaping, President of Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association, made a debriefing report.




Bi Diange, secretary-general of the Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association, made a report on the preparations for the association to the conference, and read out the "Association Constitution" (draft) and "General Assembly Election Measures" (draft).




In addition, Wang Aijun, section chief of Qinhuangdao market supervision and Administration Bureau, and an Xuehua, section chief of Qinhuangdao Haigang District market supervision and Administration Bureau, were also invited to attend the meeting.


Licensing/Certificate Issuing Ceremony


At this conference, the first president, vice president, secretary general and board members of Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association were elected and elected. A licensing/certificate awarding ceremony was held at the site.







PROSPECT is very honored to become a member of Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association.








As a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, production and sales of elevator weight load control system, elevator electric energy feedback device, elevator IC intelligent management system, elevator earthquake monitor, elevator braking capability detector, elevator remote monitoring and management system, intelligent "96333" elevator early warning and rescue vehicle, escalator disinfectant, 100 M optical fiber video system, elevator steel belt broken wire monitoring device and other elevator supporting products, PROSPECT has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 20 years, in the field of intelligent elevator components has a wealth of experience and technical heritage. With "intelligent manufacturing" over "manufacturing", we will promote the technological innovation of intelligent elevator products and lead the mainstream and direction of new elevator technology components.




PROSPECT has become a member of the Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association, which is not only a recognition of the company's strength, but also an affirmation of its good reputation in the special equipment industry. The company will actively perform the duties of the governing unit and participate in various work and activities of the association; continue to devote itself to the innovation and application of elevator safety components in the field of special equipment, and provide more competitive products and solutions for the market; at the same time, it will cooperate with other member units to share experience and resources, shine in the industry, and create a better PROSPECT for the future development of the industry!

Attached: Qinhuangdao Special Equipment Industry Association Founding Conference First Member Representative Conference List:
1 Xuan Yaping Qinhuangdao Meima Elevator Co., Ltd.
2 Yuan Qingguo Hebei Port Group Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
3 Chen Shuguo Qinhuangdao Qinxun Elevator Co., Ltd.
4 Yuyuan Qinhuangdao PetroChina Fuel Asphalt Co., Ltd.
5 Bi Diange Qinhuangdao Lianye Elevator Co., Ltd.
6 Lu Yilin Qinhuangdao Xingjian Special Glass Co., Ltd.
7 Baozhe Qinhuangdao Huaying Phosphoric Acid Co., Ltd.
8 Yan Jianyong Qinhuangdao Jiale Entertainment Co., Ltd.
9 Cheng Xiaopeng Hebei Penghai Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
10 Wang Tiejun Qinhuangdao Development Zone Rhine Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd.
11 Wu Xuzhong Qinhuangdao Development Zone PROSPECT Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
12 Zhao Jian Qinhuangdao Riling Elevator Co., Ltd.
13 Liu Haitao Qinhuangdao Aoyue Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
14 Xiao Chunlong Qinhuangdao Ruixun Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd.
15 Li Gang Qinhuangdao Tianye Tonglian Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
16 Qi Jingrui Qinhuangdao Dongyan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
17 Yu Zhaoji Qinhuangdao Bolin Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd.
18 Li Song Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. Tianjin Binhai Branch
19 Qian Jiulong Beijing Hitachi Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd. Tangshan Branch
20 Wang Baohua Qinhuangdao Jinxing Elevator Co., Ltd.
21 Li Zibo Qinhuangdao Ruian Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd.
22 Li Baorong Qinhuangdao Tianyi Elevator Co., Ltd.
23 Ma Jinxiang Qinhuangdao Langjia Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd.
24 Wu Yongliang Qinhuangdao Huanya Equipment Co., Ltd.
25 Zhang Xingjie CITIC Daika Co., Ltd.
26 Chen Shubin Qinhuangdao Power Generation Co., Ltd.
27 Zhang Chao Yaohua (Qinhuangdao) Glass Technology Development Co., Ltd.
28 Jiao Hengping Qinhuangdao Guangshuo Security Equipment Co., Ltd.
29 Li Jiapeng Qinhuangdao Steel Trade Development Co., Ltd.
30 Cui Junfang Qinhuangdao Aoxun Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd.
31 Zhao Ying Qinhuangdao Hangao Elevator Co., Ltd.
32 Yang Fan Qinhuangdao Theo Elevator Co., Ltd.
33 He Yanbin Qinhuangdao Tengzhong Elevator Co., Ltd.
34 Wang Bin Qinhuangdao Jinwu Electromechanical Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.
35 Zheng Shuang Qinhuangdao Shitong Elevator Co., Ltd.
36 Guan Xin Hebei Yichen Elevator Co., Ltd.
37 Yang Chao Hebei Kun Zhou Elevator Co., Ltd.
38 Zhang Xiaohua Qinhuangdao Haite Elevator Co., Ltd.
39 Zhang Qifa Qinhuangdao Ganfeng Taiyuan Elevator Co., Ltd.
40 Wang Guangping Okonink (Qinhuangdao) Aluminum Co., Ltd.
41 Ma Wenhua Qinhuangdao Huazhi Dream Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
42 Andy Lau Qinhuangdao Dewei Elevator Co., Ltd.
43 Li Xu Qinhuangdao Zhonglong Elevator Co., Ltd.
44 Li Shaohui Qinhuangdao City Sijiate Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.