Wonderful review: Prospect successfully concluded the Shanghai Elevator Expo, let’s revisit the highlights together.

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2023-07-13 13:48

From July 5 to 8, 2023, the 15th China International Elevator Exhibition was successfully held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The exhibition brings together industry leaders, attracts visitors from all directions, shares new achievements in the elevator field, and draws a new blueprint. PROSPECT Bring nine core products wonderful appearance, received widespread attention!


Review together, Shanghai elevator show highlight moment!




Nine core products, wonderful debut exhibition

At the exhibition, nine core products of foreground photoelectric portable elevator braking capability detector, elevator electric energy management system (EMS), elevator weight load control system, elevator earthquake monitor, 100 megabyte optical fiber video system, escalator disinfection instrument, elevator IC intelligent management system, composite steel belt monitoring device and smart city "96333" were unveiled. Smart elevator products have attracted the attention of many customers, and everyone has come to consult on cooperation matters, and has given high recognition to products and services.




At the exhibition site, customers are very interested in the company's products and have put forward cooperation intentions. The function and performance of smart elevator products are recognized, and it is believed that these products can meet their needs and enhance the value of their buildings. At the same time, our sales team patiently answered every customer's questions, and introduced the characteristics and advantages of the product in detail, which further improved customer satisfaction.


Gathering industry leaders to attract visitors from all directions

As a grand event of the elevator industry, the elevator exhibition brings together many people in the industry. Among them, there are many big coffee leaders and foreign friends in the industry.PROSPECT The smart elevator products have been recognized by many big players in the industry, and have also attracted foreign exhibitors and buyers to come to consult. These opportunities for exchange and cooperation not only promote technological innovation and cooperation, but also inject new impetus into the development of the company.




Shanghai International Elevator Exhibition   2023.07/5-8





Brother Qiang will show you the live broadcast of elevator tremolo.

At the exhibition, the online red "strong brother" was broadcast live through the foreground photoelectric trembles, allowing everyone to watch the exhibition without leaving their homes. In the live broadcast room, the message interaction continued, the praise wave broke ten thousand, and the number of people watching the scene soared! Let the audience feel as if they are in the exhibition site and appreciate the wonderful exhibition!

IMG_282        IMG_284


Meeting is always short, looking forward to meeting again.




Through this exhibition, successfully demonstrated PROSPECT, and also established in-depth cooperative relations with many customers. We will continue to work hard, continue to innovate, continue to provide customers with smart elevator products and services, and provide support for the development of cities and the wisdom of buildings. We believe that in the future cooperation, our smart elevator products will create greater value for customers, and look forward to working with you hand in hand to create a better future together!